When it comes to a marketing consultant
your small business needs a trusted ally.

Monica Marketing Solutions is a full-service business development firm focused on the unique needs of small businesses. We develop highly successful marketing programs for small businesses, including start-ups. When you select Monica Marketing Solutions as your marketing firm, we will develop an explosive marketing program for your business that will crush your competition and make your company a dominant leader in your industry.

When you engage a consultant you enter into a partnership, one that should be mutually rewarding and bring great satisfaction to both parties. You should, have a solid understanding of your new ally's business philosophy.

Reliable. Loyal. Trustworthy.
We are successful only when you are successful.

marketingWe begin by listening to you. You know your business and current situation fare better than we do. We'll listen and develop our plan as a direct response to your concerns. We 're committed to helping our clients solve their greatest challenges. We are drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems. Our firm is built on that commitment. We believe in teamwork and collaboration. We take a structured approach, where all opinions and options are considered and analyzed carefully before any recommendations are made.

Customer Communications.

MarketingIn today's difficult economic environment it is critical to communicate effectively with your clients. Competition is intense, and if you're not speaking to them on a regular basis, if you're not continuing to maintain their interest level, you may be in danger of losing them.

We'll help you develop a recognizable brand as the first step in the process. Not just a name or a logo, but a clear impression of what the name and trademark stands for - what you stand for.

We will then find a way to keep you in touch with your customers, speaking to them on a routine basis, so as to maintain the relationship. That way when your client is ready - you will be the first one he thinks of and the one he calls.

The Electronic Newsletter - An Effective Tool.

The electronic newsletter is the ideal solution to maintaining continuing communications with your client. Email campaigns are inexpensive and effective. But in order for a newsletter to be effective it must accomplish the following five objectives:

Small BusinessAt Monica Marketing Solutions we practice what we preach. Sign up for our electronic newsletter, THE MEMO (read more about it by clicking on the tab above) and enjoy the FREE benefits of having valuable marketing information emailed to you each week.

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Consider A Website.

We recommend that every firm have a vital web site. Do you have one, and does it accurately reflect you and your brand's image? Do people immediately know what you have to offer? Is the copy compelling, motivating them to act? If not ~ there is work to be done.

We'll analyze your site's characteristics. Together we'll determine If it needs redesign or redevelopment, and we'll work with your website company to correct deficiencies or, if you wish, we'll call-in our website design firm.

Once you take that step you need follow thru with a steady stream of communication that stimulates and then maintains their interest. We'll help determine which media is best and what to say. Because of our unique background in operations we can advise on the development of successful promotions and pricing strategies to satisfy their demands and generate profit.

At Monica Marketing Solutions we work in concert with you and your team to provide the ongoing communication that keeps your customers returning time after time. And we do it for less that the other guys.

“While great devices are invented in the laboratory,
great products are invented in the Marketing Department.”

William H. Davidow
Former VP of Strategy at Intel